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Portland Chiropractor Offers Holistic Care Including Functional Medicine and Nutritional Counseling

Mission Statement:

In everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo.  
We believe in thinking differently.  
The way we challenge the status quo is by making your care a fulfilling experience that is beautifully designed simple to incorporate and user friendly.  
We just happen to save lives.  
Because there is a better way.  Because we’re it.  Want to join us?  
Health Touch.

Welcome to Health Touch Chiropractic of Tigard! We are Portland chiropractors with the main goal to help our patients discover health and vitality. Our staff is experienced and trained in chiropractic care, physical rehabilitation, holistic care, nutrition counseling, supplements, massage therapy, and more. Whether you have been in a car accident injury, have a few pounds to lose, or are looking to improve their quality of life, we can help. Our mission is to challenge the status quo and to aid our patients in changing their way of thinking about healthy living. We want patients to know that there is a way that is individually customized, simple and easy to follow.

AsPortland chiropractors dedicated to wellness, we offer a whole body approach to treatment. This allows us to help our patients reach a better state of vitality than they had previous to the injury or condition that brought them to our clinic. By teaching total nutrition, the proper use of supplements, and physical exercise as part of our rehabilitation process, we have found that the majority of our patients are able to keep the same ailment from reoccurring in the future and reach new levels of wellness.

Our chiropractors at Health Touch Chiropractic remain committed to our patients. Their extensive experience in the field of health and holistic care enables them to provide the highest quality treatment possible. Our team also utilizes a vast amount of state-of-the-art tools to increase healing. Our FootMaxx Gait Analysis system allows us to understand how the body functions when it is in movement and where it is lacking. An in-depth computerized body system survey, called Maestro Survey, also allows us to understand how well a patient's body is functioning and where improvements can be made. And as advances in technology change, we will continue to add more systems to our clinic.

Portland Chiropractors Encouraging a New Zest for Life with Holistic Care

Nutritional Counseling in Portland and TigardOne of our proudest accomplishments at Health Touch Chiropractic is seeing patients who have embraced healthy changes through our clinic and greatly changed their lives. With our Take Shape for Life program, we are able to provide nutritional counseling and more to those who are significantly overweight. The inclusion of supplements in this program also allows patients to begin to feel better within only a few days. Although we occasionally hear from skeptics, the vast majority of our patients who have taken part in Take Shape for Life have seen a change in their bodies and overall wellness.

Over 15,000 medical clinics and holistic health centers utilize the Take Shape for Life national program for their patients, and Health Touch Chiropractic is proud to bring this to patients in the Portland area. Based on Body Mass Index (BMI) calculations, we can help determine what risk as patient is at for deadly disorders and how we can help them make a change in their lives before it is too late.

Portland and Tigard patients interested in further information about holistic care, supplements, nutrition, auto accident care, and injury rehabilitation should contact our clinic directly by calling 1.503.941.9912.

Join us in a new vitality.